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Nexscient leverages its technical prowess, business expertise, capital and network resources to offer consulting services that help identify, fund, integrate, and commercialize AI and machine learning technologies.

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We are Nexscient

We unlock the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) by harnessing the foresight and precision of data and technology combined with deep strategic thinking and domain expertise to produce cutting-edge solutions with the potential to disrupt or transform major industries. 


We remain committed to our core business strategy and are confident that our stakeholders will see a clear benefit from our focused efforts. Our purpose driven environment inspires our team members through a common mission, vision and values.


Our people are of the highest caliber from reputed institutes. We encourage them to take self-dependent decisions and let them take leadership positions very early in their careers and motivate them to drive their piece of business independently.


It’s not just what we do, but how we do it. Our time tested collaboration methods, communication process and premium tools ensure consistent results and successful outcomes. By leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of our professionals, we achieve success.

We unlock transformative benefits of AI through synergistic collaboration.

We believe that a collaborative approach is needed to unlock the profound potential of AI. We seek to identify and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into a collaborative network that leverages our collective pool of knowledge, capital, and resources brought together by our team and industry partners.

We apply deep technological expertise in AI and machine learning to deploy rapid prototyping and custom integrated solutions that enable us to become more efficient, tap into unseen market segments, and achieve successful business outcomes. Our objective is to commercialize synergistic products and services that enhance our overall enterprise value.

AI Innovation and Commercialization.

We work with innovators to develop, integrate, and exploit AI and machine learning technologies in several domains including Predictive Analytics, Generative AI, Computer Vision, and Biometric Identification.

Our­ platform­ of­ talented­ people,­ processes­ and­ industry­ relationships­ allows­ us­ to­ accelerate­ the­ clock­ speed­ of­ commercialization.  From validation to product development to building customer traction, we work with passion and dedication to unlock AI’s transformative value.

Our primary objective is to seek out best-of-breed technologies, cultivate them into compelling integrated solutions addressing incumbent challenges in large addressable markets and commercialize them into successful products and services.

Our professionals are at the
heart of everything we do.

We have assembled an impressive team of global thinkers and problem solvers dedicated to advancing AI innovations. We work with the best industry experts and resources to deliver successful outcomes.

What our clients are saying about Nexscient.

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“They know what they’re doing, and the team is prompt and well-organized.”

Business Operations Coordinator, Pharmaceutical 

“Even though we gave them short notice, they jumped in and helped us move mountains to set up our office equipment.”

Analyst, Fitness Company


“They do their very best to make sure you succeed. If there’s an issue, they step in immediately.”

Vice President Marketing Communications


“We’re 100% satisfied with their work, and the Nexscient team has exceeded our expectations.”

Business Operations Manager, Telecommunications 


“Their responsiveness is really great — they resolve issues promptly.”

Sr. Engineer, Manufacturing Facility


“They recognize that our success is in everyone’s interest, and they work hard to help us get there.”

Director of IT, Hardware Supply Company


Industry Recognition

Expertise 2022

Best Manager IT Service Providers in New York 2022


Google Developers Certified Agency


Forbes Member Council 2022

Clutch 1000 2022:

Top 1000 Companies Globally

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