Improve performance of ML models across business functions with agile and standardized MLOps workflows.

Build & deploy scalable AI/ML solutions faster with our tailored MLOps offerings.

ML systems are becoming ubiquitous across industries. However, 87% of AI/ML models never make it to production. Enterprises still face many challenges when it comes to scaling, automation, standardization, and cost-effectiveness of ML solutions. The lack of experienced ML teams, monitoring tools, and automated processes leads to poor development standards, duplication of efforts, and underperforming systems. Furthermore, ML projects implemented with sub-par standards expose enterprises to governance, security, and compliance risks.

We help operationalize ML models using best-in-class frameworks, automated workflows, and pre-built accelerators to scale ML models in production. Our solutions enable faster development cycles, process automation, and extend your team’s skills with state-of-art MLOps tools to accelerate time to value while helping you accomplish your ML objectives.

ML implementation services

Ensure high-impact performance of ML systems with our proven ML engineering capabilities, accelerators, frameworks, and agile methodologies for developing robust MLOps workflows.

ML observability and monitoring

The robustness in ML and AI systems depends upon continuous monitoring and model feedback. Our machine learning observability tool is designed to bring end-to-end observability, monitoring of ML models, data and dependent pipelines to ensure continuous and effective production workloads, resulting in higher ROI for your AI investments.

ML managed services

Ensure the seamless and smooth functioning of all your ML systems without putting undue strain on your enterprise’s resources. Our MLOps managed service leverages a platform and tool-agnostic approach backed by experienced ML engineers to ensure hassle-free operations.

Responsible AI

MLOps specializes in creating and deploying reliable and accountable ML systems that respect human rights. Our implementation of Responsible AI leads to improved decision-making, increased efficiency, better customer experience, enhanced compliance, and better governance of ML models in production.

We unlock transformative benefits of AI through synergistic collaboration.

Nexscient leverages technical expertise, business savvy, and capital resources to identify, fund and commercialize AI-based projects.  We identify and integrate AI and machine learning technologies into a collaborative network that leverages our collective pool of capital, knowledge, and industry resources.

Identify Novel AI Projects

We seek artificial intelligence and machine learning projects that have the potential to transform or disrupt major markets or entire industries. We apply a disciplined approach that capitalizes on our collective knowledge, experience, and resources to identify compelling projects.

Partner & Integrate Into Our Network

We work fast with a dedicated team to assimilate the project across all areas, from exploiting technological synergies and resources to assessing product-market fit and development strategies. Our amazing people are coaches, friends, knowledge-sharing partners, all work together to effect a seamless integration and toward a common goal of achieving ultimate success for the entire enterprise.

Provide Needed Capital Funding

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how time-consuming it can be to raise money for your business idea. We streamline process of funding projects, not only the initial investment but on-going capital needs.

Offer Guidance & Dev Ops Support

Our expertise in the emerging Ai domains allows us to partner with entrepreneurs to unlock the potential of Ai through new and innovative products and services through strategic guidance and development support. From startup veterans and seasoned investors, to machine learning experts and talented data scientists, our team is ready to fill in the gaps and provide the necessary resources and support to achieve successful outcomes.

Exploit Synergies & Collaboration

By offering a collaborative approach, we are able exploit synergies and economic benefits across a wide spectrum of resources including ideation, proprietary tools and processes, and talent identification. We partner with value-add industry leaders, leveraging our combined experience and using our proven methodology to remove structural barriers and achieve high-impact outcomes.

Commercialize & Go To Market

We bring together big ideas, exceptional talent, capital, and resources to create amazing products and services and bring them to market. We draw on a vibrant group of industry thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and domain experts to help guide our commercialization efforts.

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