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Helping companies succeed through optimized equipment maintenance management solutions.

AegisOneis a real-time monitoring service that protects machines from incipient failure.

AegisOne offers comprehensive and actionable insights to manufacturers and continuous process facilities seeking an effective yet affordable equipment monitoring solution to help reduce equipment failures, avoid unscheduled downtimes, decrease equipment maintenance costs, and improve overall equipment efficiencies.

Next-generation, prescriptive maintenance solution that is robust, secure and scalable.

Quick Installation

Streamlined installation wizard and self-configuring wireless collection nodes provide for rapid deployment.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Smart sensors collect and analyze streaming data with advanced AI diagnostics to protect and optimize machines.

Intelligent Alerts

Alerts with intelligent maintenance work orders are automatically generated with prescribed troubleshooting instructions.

Machine Agnostic

Autonomous and compatible with virtually any rotating machine type, regardless of age, manufacturer or model.
key features

AegisOne delivers peace of mind.

The AegisOnesystem is an AI-powered SaaS platform offering a real-time machine monitoring service for customers seeking an affordable yet effective predictive maintenance solution.

Advanced Wireless Sensor Nodes

Autonomous data collection beacons that attach to the outside of existing machinery and wirelessly transmit collected data to the cloud for analysis.

Cloud Computing Platform

Our cloud platform uses state-of-the-art Industrial IoT architecture designed for redundancy, flexibility and scalability.

AI-Powered Diagnostics
and Intelligent Work Order Processing

AegisOne™ employs rule-based logic and machine learning/AI to accurately evaluate the health condition of machines and predict incipient failures.

Next-Level Prescriptive Maintenance Solution

key benefit

Protect Equipment

By monitoring your equipment in real-time with AegisOne, potential defects in critical components can be detected at an early stage and corrective measures can be taken to address any issues before they lead to equipment damage or failure.

Key Benefit

Maintain Uptime

With the AegisOne continuous monitoring solution, incipient problems can be detected and resolved before they become too severe causing unexpected machine failure that can result in production line interruptions and schedule delays.

Key Benefit

Improve Productivity

AegisOne can help reduce expenses related holding excessive spare parts inventory while continually improving processes and production quality by increasing equipment reliability, throughput and overall productivity.


Improved operational efficiencies and maintenance cost savings.

% Reduction

in Maintenance Costs

% Increase

in Machine Availability

% Reduction

in Unexpected Machine Failure

% Increase

in Production Quality

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