AI Applications

Operationalizing AI to drive rapid insights for tangible business impact via enterprise-grade AI services.

Fuel growth and business value realization with AI applications.

Enterprises are investing in advanced analytics and AI application services for its human-centric and cognitive capabilities, but practice and maturity still remain stagnant. Even as businesses take the plunge in AI adoption, they lack the governance structures and innovative systems to take full advantage of it.

Our domain experience as an advanced analytics company and expertise in AI engineering services help us go beyond possible for you. Unlock the true potential of AI beyond adoption, so you can enable long-term business transformation and enjoy short-term wins.

AI-led data quality management

Enhance data quality management with our AI consulting using our proprietary accelerator to get insights you can trust. Act on opportunities for business growth like reducing downstream costs and gaining better visibility of revenue and sales. Drive end-to-end standardization and enrichment with our 3rd party partnerships.

Explainable AI

Build confidence in your AI's outcomes and cement trust in algorithms with explainable AI. Our accelerator allows users to probe, understand, and interpret predictions from their trained models. Enable faster and wider deployment of your models with global explainability and simulation.

AI-powered data management

Access our codeless data ingestion tool to expedite analysis and get to value faster. Modernize your data migration process to cloud platforms seamlessly while deriving data insights faster, optimizing overall costs of operations, and reducing time-to-market effectively.

Anomaly detection and hypothesis generation

Accelerate anomaly detection and hypothesis generation with our proprietary solution. Identify areas of improvement in business while adapting to any anomalies that may occur within a given time. Our solution is built on state-of-the-art, proprietary AI/ML-based algorithms, and utilizes cloud resources to scale-up anomaly detection. Create proactive alerts and human-readable statistical explanations or hypotheses to set course for corrections.

We unlock transformative benefits of AI through synergistic collaboration.

Nexscient leverages technical expertise, business savvy, and capital resources to identify, fund and commercialize AI-based projects.  We identify and integrate AI and machine learning technologies into a collaborative network that leverages our collective pool of capital, knowledge, and industry resources.

Identify Novel AI Projects

We seek artificial intelligence and machine learning projects that have the potential to transform or disrupt major markets or entire industries. We apply a disciplined approach that capitalizes on our collective knowledge, experience, and resources to identify compelling projects.

Partner & Integrate Into Our Network

We work fast with a dedicated team to assimilate the project across all areas, from exploiting technological synergies and resources to assessing product-market fit and development strategies. Our amazing people are coaches, friends, knowledge-sharing partners, all work together to effect a seamless integration and toward a common goal of achieving ultimate success for the entire enterprise.

Provide Needed Capital Funding

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how time-consuming it can be to raise money for your business idea. We streamline process of funding projects, not only the initial investment but on-going capital needs.

Offer Guidance & Dev Ops Support

Our expertise in the emerging Ai domains allows us to partner with entrepreneurs to unlock the potential of Ai through new and innovative products and services through strategic guidance and development support. From startup veterans and seasoned investors, to machine learning experts and talented data scientists, our team is ready to fill in the gaps and provide the necessary resources and support to achieve successful outcomes.

Exploit Synergies & Collaboration

By offering a collaborative approach, we are able exploit synergies and economic benefits across a wide spectrum of resources including ideation, proprietary tools and processes, and talent identification. We partner with value-add industry leaders, leveraging our combined experience and using our proven methodology to remove structural barriers and achieve high-impact outcomes.

Commercialize & Go To Market

We bring together big ideas, exceptional talent, capital, and resources to create amazing products and services and bring them to market. We draw on a vibrant group of industry thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and domain experts to help guide our commercialization efforts.

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