Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Our management team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry thought leaders with a successful track record and resource network.

Nexscient™ brings together a dedicated team of seasoned entrepreneurs, data scientists, engineers, financiers, sales and marketing professionals, and highly-regarded thought leaders to unlock the potential of AI and machine learning technologies through new and innovative products and services.

Executive Management

Our executive management team consists of outstanding professionals with deep subject matter expertise, extensive experience in a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience and an expansive network of strategic resources and collaborators.

Board of Directors

Our management team is complemented by a Board that brings decades of combined experience and depth of knowledge in numerous industry sectors. 

Advisory Board

Drawn from a wide cross-section of diverse backgrounds, our advisors are invaluable for their combined depth of knowledge and wealth of experience and insights.

Mr. Quindlen has over thirty-five years of experience in various aspects of financing and leading multiple global companies, and for the past ten years he participated as a private investor and board member, where he invested and guided several private and public companies.    

Jim Childress has more than thirty years of diverse technical leadership spanning several global companies including NBC Universal, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, PacifiCare Health Systems (now United Health), Beachbody, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman.

Mr. Schweiger is the Managing Principal and CEO of The Tomorrow Group, a specialized consultancy focused on enterprise risk management and supporting strategic transformation in financial services businesses.  

Bryan is Vice President of Data Science at Edisen, a leading AI company, where he is responsible for creating and refining the quantitative analysis structure of the TONIK+ Video Intelligence platform, a video analysis tool that boosts advertising performance for clients such as Apple, Netflix, and Amazon.

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