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Unlock the full potential of your text data by implementing NLP solutions to improve your business outcomes.

We build NLP models that help businesses use textual data to make smarter decisions more quickly.

To capitalize on NLP advantages, organizations must evaluate their culture. Change impacts people as well as processes, and your corporate culture must be prepared to address the anxiety that comes from change. Companies must comprehend AI requirements, machine learning algorithms, speech recognition, semantic analysis, summarization, neural networks, predictive analytics, neural networks, and other elements of natural language understanding. 

Once the foundation is in place, organizations can experience the advantages of this branch of artificial intelligence. Customer and employee experiences improve, making for an increased customer base. NLP solutions can improve your business.

Better data analysis

Unstructured data such as documents, emails, and research results are difficult for computers to process. With NLP technology, large amounts of text-based information can be processed and analyzed. Repetitive tasks such as collating surveys or processing forms can be completed with more accuracy using NLP.

Improved customer experience

Enterprise-wide artificial intelligence can provide valuable information to improve customer interactions and question-answering. For example, the hospitality sector depends on surveys and reviews to understand customer behavior. Part of the process is learning how customers feel about the experience, not just how they rank it. NLP can be trained to recognize sentiment in customer messages using industry-specific algorithms and identifying elements that suggest the underlying emotion in a sentence structure.

Streamlined processes

Many professional service companies must review volumes of contractual information. Creating a natural language processing solution calibrated for specific professionals can reduce the time spent looking for specific clauses. Because many contracts use similar verbiage, staff can spend hours looking for the right document.

Reduced costs

More efficient operation means increased productivity. Whether it is responding to customer requests, ingesting customer data, or other use cases, natural language processing in AI reduces cost. Instead of needing six people to respond to customer requests, a business can reduce that number to two with an NLP solution. Enterprise AI can process data faster with more meaningful insights that result in improved customer experiences.

We unlock transformative benefits of AI through synergistic collaboration.

Nexscient leverages technical expertise, business savvy, and capital resources to identify, fund and commercialize AI-based projects.  We identify and integrate AI and machine learning technologies into a collaborative network that leverages our collective pool of capital, knowledge, and industry resources.

Identify Novel AI Projects

We seek artificial intelligence and machine learning projects that have the potential to transform or disrupt major markets or entire industries. We apply a disciplined approach that capitalizes on our collective knowledge, experience, and resources to identify compelling projects.

Partner & Integrate Into Our Network

We work fast with a dedicated team to assimilate the project across all areas, from exploiting technological synergies and resources to assessing product-market fit and development strategies. Our amazing people are coaches, friends, knowledge-sharing partners, all work together to effect a seamless integration and toward a common goal of achieving ultimate success for the entire enterprise.

Provide Needed Capital Funding

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how time-consuming it can be to raise money for your business idea. We streamline process of funding projects, not only the initial investment but on-going capital needs.

Offer Guidance & Dev Ops Support

Our expertise in the emerging Ai domains allows us to partner with entrepreneurs to unlock the potential of Ai through new and innovative products and services through strategic guidance and development support. From startup veterans and seasoned investors, to machine learning experts and talented data scientists, our team is ready to fill in the gaps and provide the necessary resources and support to achieve successful outcomes.

Exploit Synergies & Collaboration

By offering a collaborative approach, we are able exploit synergies and economic benefits across a wide spectrum of resources including ideation, proprietary tools and processes, and talent identification. We partner with value-add industry leaders, leveraging our combined experience and using our proven methodology to remove structural barriers and achieve high-impact outcomes.

Commercialize & Go To Market

We bring together big ideas, exceptional talent, capital, and resources to create amazing products and services and bring them to market. We draw on a vibrant group of industry thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and domain experts to help guide our commercialization efforts.

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