AI-powered biometrics are transforming how we transact securely in the digital domain while protecting privacy.

AI and biometrics are key to
building trust in a digital world.

With the increase of document fraud and identity theft, new technological solutions are being implemented. One of these technologies is biometrics which has established itself as the most quick and accurate means of identifying and authenticating individuals through the use of unique measurements such as face, fingerprint, iris and voice recognition.

Artificial Intelligence applied in biometrics.

As connectivity continues to spread across the globe, it is clear that old security methods are simply not strong enough to protect what’s most important. Thankfully, biometric technology is more accessible than ever before, ready to bring enhanced security and greater convenience to whatever needs protecting, from a door, to your car to the PIN on your phone.

AI in facial recognition

Deep Learning and Machine Learning is now very popular among manufacturers for face analysis, which makes it easier and more precise identification. DL and ML proved that it can solve tricky security problems; helps improvement on false acceptance ratio on different demographic groups. With more training, we have seen very successful results in various face attributes. These face biological features represents facial characteristics (skin tone, facial hair etc.) of person.

AI in fingerprint recognition

It has been known that some fingerprints are hard to scan or recognize due to skin conditions, damaged fingerprint, scars or small fingerprint surface area. Low quality, old, cropped, damaged images of fingerprints are some other challenges. Machine learning techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Deep Neural Networks (DNN), Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Genetic Algorithms (GA) play an important part for delivering non-common solutions for fingerprint identification problems.

AI in iris recognition

Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification, taking unique patterns within a ring-shaped region surrounding the pupil of each eye. It is an extremely reliable and accurate identification method with very low false match rates. However, it has some disadvantages such as requiring specialized hardware equipment.

Digital sovereignty and protection from cyber attacks.

Biometrics have recently attracted increasing attention and beginning to be applied in a variety of domains, predominantly for security. High security and quality standards in official identity checks require holistic biometric solutions. We deal with biometric capturing and verification in the context of official identity documents as well as for identity check and verification of persons, border control and passenger flow optimization. 

We believe that secure infrastructures are the indispensable backbone of our networked world. With trustworthy products and individual consulting, we make an important contribution to the security and digital sovereignty of our customers. Our solutions are at the forefront of harnessing the power of biometric technology to help governments, banks, and other organizations mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve security levels.

Biometrics have several advantages over conventional password and PIN based systems.

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