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Custom financial AI software and enterprise-grade solutions for banking & financial services.
Creating actionable insights and generating tangible results for the financial services sector. With rising expectations, there’s never been a better time for financial services and fintech brands to invest in a high-tech, high-touch customer experience.

AI solutions for the financial industry.

The financial services sector has recently taken the lead in digital transformation, eagerly embracing the potential of Big Data, Data Engineering, AI, and Machine Learning. Those areas, used to collect, sort, process, analyze, and convert massive, complex data sets into meaningful business insights, are considered a “make or break” factor for traditional finance institutes, constantly threatened by tech-savvy FinTech start-ups.

The potential of AI and Data Engineering is almost limitless. Data – text, numeric, and images – can be used in numerous ways to advance the ability to recognize patterns, anticipate future events, create smart rules, make intelligent, data-based decisions and automated communication with clients. More finance-oriented usages of AI are fraud detection, high-frequency trading, risk management, and investment management, but – as we said above – with AI sky is the limit.

Customer advanced analytics & image analysis.

AI algorithms can conduct in-depth customer analytics, and score and segment clients depending on financial history, current situation, and forecasted economical trends. Based on data, it is easier to deliver personalized, risk-included offerings.

Financial institutions can speed up the verification processes with image analysis. In the finance industry, biometric data from images of customers’ faces can be linked to financial data and used to verify applications.

AI benefits in financial services and insurance.

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