Predictive AI


Predictive AI

Forge deeper insights and relationships with AI-driven innovation for faster value realization.

Leverage AI to makes predictions about future events, behaviors, and outcomes.

Predictive AI helps businesses look into the future and peer around corners with a reasonable degree of accuracy. This capability has always been important – but it has never been as critical as it is right now. Companies have had to navigate major trade and supply chain disruptions, sudden spikes (or nosedives) in demand, brand new risks and challenges, and overall unchartered waters. That’s why predictive AI has shot to the top of priority lists for organizations around the world.

AI-powered analytics to put you on the path to predictable outcomes.

Predictive AI is applicable and valuable to nearly every industry – from financial services to aerospace. Predictive models are used for forecasting inventory, managing resources, setting ticket prices, managing equipment maintenance, developing credit risk models, and much more. They help companies reduce risks, optimize operations, and increase revenue.

Predictive AI in healthcare

In today’s world, hospitals and healthcare organizations are under immense pressure to maximize resources – and predictive AI makes that possible. Using predictive analytics, healthcare officials can improve financial and operational decision-making, optimize inventory and staffing levels, manage their supply chains more efficiently, and predict maintenance needs for medical equipment. Predictive AI also makes it possible to improve clinical outcomes by detecting early signs of patient deterioration, identifying patients at risk for readmission, and improving the accuracy of patient diagnosis and treatment.

Predictive AI in retail

Retailers gather vast amounts of customer information both online, such as tracking online activity via cookies, and in the real world, such as monitoring how customers navigate their way through a store. Using predictive AI, retailers can leverage that data for everything from inventory optimization and revenue forecasting to behavior analytics, shopper targeting, and fraud detection.

Predictive AI in supply chain

Predictive AI has become essential for running an agile, resilient supply chain and avoiding disruption. It analyzes massive data sets from many different sources to generate accurate supply and demand forecasts, determine optimal inventory levels, improve logistics and on-time deliveries, predict equipment maintenance issues, detect and adapt to unexpected conditions – and much more.

Enrich engagement with our enterprise-grade predictive AI solutions and services.

Organizations are under constant pressure to speed up and improve decision making, which is growing more and more complex. Predictive AI is aimed at making predictions about future outcomes based on historical data using modern analytical techniques like machine learning.

Predictive AI enables businesses to analyze large amounts of data to identify potential events and opportunities before they occur. The real value of predictive AI can be understood by learning the major use cases that they support and dive into those use cases for the applicable industries.

Our Flagship Prescriptive Maintenance Solution

AegisOne™ offers comprehensive and actionable insights to manufacturers and continuous process facilities seeking an effective yet affordable equipment monitoring solution to help reduce equipment failures, avoid unscheduled downtimes, decrease equipment maintenance costs, and improve overall equipment efficiencies.

Predictive AI applications for optimization and engagement.

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