Core Values

Our Guiding Principles

Our core values drive everything we do.  Driven by six guiding principles, these values are at the heart of our culture, and they guide us as we innovate, collaborate, and create measurable outcomes for our partners. These are not just notional values, but a set of aligned attitudes, behaviors, and actions that we strive to live by daily.

Harmonize humans and artificial intelligence.

We harness the power of AI technology and people to create growth that benefits organizations while supporting a thriving, sustainable, and inclusive society.

Leverage industry expertise.

Our deep machine-learning and AI expertise helps us make sense of complex data faster, pinpoint where the greatest value lies, drive adoption, and scale the solution.

Assemble diverse teams.

Every project is different. Our technology-agnostic approach means we’re focused on creating the best solution for each situation—and are equally at ease working with existing infrastructure or building from a blank sheet.

Create change that sticks.

We believe in driving impact but, more importantly, making sure that our impact is sustainable. We partner with you to design your future-state organization, hire for new roles, and build capabilities across business and technology, coaching you along the way.

Focus on needs before technology.

Role diversity and specialization is game changing. Designing and building AI solutions to deliver business impact requires diverse teams that integrate business expertise and technological depth. We bring a team with the right skills, at the right time in the journey, matched to each project’s needs.

Embrace innovation as the only constant.

We invest in advancing technology frontiers and applying the latest learnings, tools, and techniques to solve the biggest challenges. And we strive to share our innovations with the wider tech community.

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