Pivot from static to smart manufacturing with AI-powered industrial analytics.
Make AI your engine for high-speed performance with manufacturing analytics as you fast-track value in your production. The data volume coming in from various parts of the industrial value chain can be overwhelming. In a sector that lives on the proven edge of technology instead of the cutting edge, these businesses are still stuck with organizing their data pool around possible use cases. As a result, they are unprepared to handle heterogeneous data and derive actionable insights, leading to multiple challenges.

Data science for manufacturing.

Manufacturing organizations are hardly an avant-garde AI implementation. These sectors are typically quite traditional and reluctant to embrace new technology trends, especially if they are not solid market-proven. However, things are – slowly but surely – changing. AI started to gain a well-deserved spotlight as it became evident that it is a safe way to increase the overall operational performance. Under the broad “Artificial Intelligence” term” are hidden plenty of different approaches are hidden able to cover specific manufacturing companies’ needs perfectly, regardless of how different they may be. 

Increase revenue and productivity.

AI-based solutions that use intelligent sensors can be a very effective separation and sorting technology, which enable mining companies to make the most of every mining facility, increase profits, increase overall effectiveness, and – in general – improve operational performance.

So-called smart sorting typically uses several technologies, IoT and deep learning included. Within these systems, AI algorithms, triggered by sensors, can be used to improve diverse mining processes.

Benefits of machine learning in manufacturing.

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